Get Wine Wise


Fulfilling a real consumer need with 88% acceptance+ gaining
high retail acceptance with a 91% GSM endorsement!

Over the last three years, Get Wine Wise has led the way in helping consumers to know and understand more about wine, in supermarket car-parks, in-store, in the media and on-line and was the first to introduce the innovative wine tasting Get Wine Wise wine-bar RoadShow.

The Wine Wise wine-bar has exclusively visited leading Tesco Extras across the South & Midlands featuring major brands from the top UK wine countries.

The Wine Wise wine-bar was supported by extensive PoS and FoS displays as well as supporting media, promotional & on-line activity reaching around 2 million consumers.

The need for Get Wine Wise has been proved beyond doubt with a very clear consumer need and desire for increased wine knowledge.

In fact 88% of consumers who attended the RoadShows stated that Get Wine Wise had greatly helped improve their wine knowledge & understanding with a further 72% going onto purchase as a result.

 91% of all GSM’s reckoned that the Get Wine Wise activity was a much needed BWS initiative and the activity was the best that they'd seen, with a further 87% confirming that it had a very positive impact on wine aisle sales and traffic!

  • High Consumer acceptance – 88% overall – 55% excellent & 33% best they’d seen
  • High Retail/GSM acceptance – 91% best seen; 87% very positive impact on sales
  • PoS & Front of Store siting & compliance at 78%
  • High Incremental sales – average sponsor +340% on day & 41% on-going
  • High Tasting levels - 200k perfect serve & data-collected wine sample tasting
  • High Engagement – Directly engaging with 270k consumers
  • High Reach – Media coverage worth around £400k – 2m ABC1 adults x5.

"Another highly successful
Get Wine Wise campaign"

Get Wine Wise –
Delivering Wine Wisdom Since 2011!